Andrew G. Zubinas
Forest Lungs


Andrew G. Zubinas sets new marketing campaign for ‘Forest Lungs’

Poetry book explores all aspects of living, breathing forest where nothing stays same

For many years, Andrew G. Zubinas has accumulated over 130 hardcover books of Lithuanian poetry, both thick and thin. The beauty of the Lithuanian language and its poetry inspired him in writing “Forest Lungs” (published by Trafford Publishing).
In this poetry book, Zubinas lyrically explores all aspects of a living, breathing forest where nothing ever stays the same. His subjects in this poem include the sun, moon, sky, cloud, rain, specific trees, plants and animals.
An excerpt from “Forest Lungs” reads:
Forest sway, the greater horn of wind, the lesser horn of wind 
Forest sway, the red maple leaf cape with the winds of a bullfight, taming twig toreador. 
Maimed, disabled forest; factory smokestack escalating to toxicity. 
Maimed, disabled forest; chimney airways of the industrial revolution.
Zubinas invites readers and poetry fanatics to hear the calming breath and partake in the healing and the art of his poetry in “Forest Lungs.”